Wolf Spirit Therapeutic

My professional and personal philosophy is expressed in the following quote from "The Search for Significance" by Robert McGee:

"Deep within every human being is a yearning to be heard. We all have a story to tell: Our story, our unique life perspective and experience...  There is nothing quite so sacred, so fragile, or so mysterious as a human being.  There is probably no service we can render other persons quite as great or important as to be listener and receiver to them in moments when they need to open their hearts and tell someone their story."

  • Professional and Personal Awareness Workshops 
  • Health and Wellness Trainings (National / International)
  • Mental Health Services and Trainings
  • Individual and Group Coaching on Mindfulness



Nancy  B. Nolin, LCSW, ACSW, CAS, CADC II
Portland, Oregon 97219

Consultation Services